Sleepy Town Blues: Homemade terrain for the Mojave

After a couple of nights gluing and clamping pieces of paper with the Corrugatemaster 6000, I finally had enough to do some proper shanty building.


Tutorial: DIY tiny corrugated sheeting

Hi, ever since I started to turn to 15mm for Post apocalyptic things, it became more apparent that I would, inevitably, need to go hard on terrain, and shanty buildings are, hands down, one of the hallmarks of the wasteland.
But with that, came the question:
Where can I get that delicious corrugated stuff?
Sure there is a metric ton of plasticard sources and even metal corrugating machines, but I wanted something that I could source more easily and that would not waste much work space. And this is what I came up with:

The Corrugatemaster 6000


Vampire Counts - Idols of Death: Ushtabi conversion

Needing to pad out my Age of Sigmar/Death Grand Alliance army I decided to add a small unit of Ushatabi to serve as heavy hitters on a mostly cheap mooks army.


Eternal glory to Hashut: Scratchbuilt Canon and Drazhoath the Ashen

Having finished my Vampire Counts army (for the time being) I started a new smallish warband of chaos dwarfs for funzies but following a simple rule:

Avoid buying minis!

The idea is to try and recycle what I have lying around on the bit box and drawer of unfinished projects, sure I'll probably get something if it's (really) cheap but otherwise, try to spend too much money on it.


Itty bitty tiny men of Agrabah

Finally finished the first phase of my 10mm Araby project which I intend to use for some coffee table Kings of War play.


Of orcs and goblins and trolls

Oh delicious December holidays, cold days and hot cocoa, perfect setting for some painting.

First, half of a 40k goblin box, really fun to paint and a good way to experiment with green. They'll hopefully find use as a gang of conscripts for the Osprey's Black Ops ruleset.