Sleepy Town Blues: Homemade terrain for the Mojave

After a couple of nights gluing and clamping pieces of paper with the Corrugatemaster 6000, I finally had enough to do some proper shanty building.

The love gun shack

It all started with a rough template made out of foamcore glued together with pva to an mdf base.

Then comes the panels that we laboriously made these past days and the details.
When it comes to detailing, my rule of (an amateurish) thumb is: balsa for wood, cereal cardboard for metal plates, tinfoil for tarp, cork for rock, solder for cables and drinking straws for tubing/exhaust

The billboard

Pick your favorite image from [here] and print it (reduced by 50% if you're planning on using it for 15mm gaming).
The billboard structure is very straightforward: a piece of equal sized foamcore with a couple of foamcore columns to keep it in place and glue the print with pva after painting the structure.