Forest basing tutorial and reusing failed 3D prints.

Some issues with gcode left me with a couple of failed 3d prints.


Dipping my toes on 3D Printing

Some weeks ago, me and two friends got a 3D Printer, a Creality3D Ender-3 pro. After a rather straightforward assembly with a little bothersome bed leveling calibration these were the results.

First the meme [link to model]:

Then, a "special" epic40k 6mm mini [link to model]:

Forgot to take a picture on the printing bed, but with some minor cleaning, I got it assembled on a 25mm base.

A complete joy to paint, and I could see that for an epic player, this printer would bring a ton of joy.

Then, a more functional print [link to model]:

But, because the infill rate was so low (mostly air), it broke when I tried to assemble it.

And there was much profanity
Fortunately some superglue and wide gauge wire fixed it.


Vampire Counts: Zombies

A tarpit that took way too many years to properly finish, these would usually be paired up with a necromancer. 


Vampire Counts: Black Knights on Spectral Steeds

These were a blast to make. Fireforge horses, with converted riders "wearing" Mantic's skeleton heads and GW's skeleton arms. I also sculpted a simple shield design to give them a little more undead'ish look. 
One of my first finished units for the VC army and the most fun to field.


Vampire Counts: Blood Knights

While I documented the conversion and sculpting, I never really followed up with finished photos.


Vampire Counts: Grave Guard & Wight King

Since I've been on an ebay selling spree, I've decided to finally part ways with my warhammer fantasy VC army. Good times were had at Yggdrasil Games, but ever since the store closed down, I haven't had a chance to put them on a table ever again. These following posts are mostly to catalog what I painted in case something ends up leaving my cupboard.

Firstly, my great VC hammer. A mix match of Gripping Beast vikings with GW skeleton warriors bits, greenstuff, Mantic's skeletons and GW's propper grave guard (old and new).

Never a fan of painting standards, mostly due to irredeemable proof that I can't freehand

Said irredeemable proof that I can't freehand. This is my Wight King with BSB, a dwarf king made with a Mantic's dwarf body and GW's Skeleton Warrior parts and a spiffy greenstuffed crown.

One thing I do not miss from this game, is trying to fit all these in the movement trays

Bloodbowl Human Team


Dwarf Heavy Crossbow Team

Had a try at greenstuffworld's rollers to add some interesting bits to the base. Really happy with them.

From Mirliton Fantasy Warriors.