Last greenskins of 2019

A night goblin shaman sitting atop the previously shown base.

And 10 more orc bois (the definite worst paintjob of the year)


Apocalypse Quartet, design notes #1 - What the hell I want

As part of my 2020 hobby resolutions, I decided to dredge an old idea of mine for a mini wargame post apocalyptic rule set from the time I was playing a lot of Blood Bowl and replaying New Vegas for the 4th time.

I had 7 main goals with it:

  1. Grid based as I came to despise rulers.
  2. Tiny footprint, like a chess board, something I can use on my tiny living room table.
  3. Progression system focused, with small campaigns of interlinked missions
  4. Loot focused
  5. Keep the weapons profiles to a minimum
  6. Base building. I really like post game spreadsheeting.
  7. Generic characters, and a very hard limit on how much you can bring to the table.

The rules are still pretty bare bones at the time of writing, but I'm excited to see if I can make something out of it this year.