Cuboids Dwarfs

 A new batch of cuboids, this time, I finally finished the dwarves. It took me a couple of iterations to get them to print but I'm pretty happy with them.

Some scifi dwarves inspired by the Deep Rock Galactic videogame

King and its shield bearers

Hunting party ready to rumble

All pilled up
And a slayer using the same bit used in the human knights as a mohawk

As usual, you can get them at my gumroad store.

Thank you


Cuboids, Brawl Arcane 28, COVID and fighting the slump

I haven't been making any updates here (or instagram for that matters), but I've been slooowly pushing some stuff out.

I've released two more sets of Cuboids:

The Undeads (I painted them as not Necrons to playtest One Page Rules skirmish not 40k game)

And a mini-set of pigfolk and some horns to turn them into goatfolk

I'm been test printing dwarfs (having some issues with some fiddly parts) and designing some frogfolk.

Anyway, you can get these and more on my gumroad store: https://siarom.gumroad.com/

I've also been lurking on the very creative inq28/aos28 adjacent projects that keep popping up on my instagram feed, this time Brawl Arcane 28.

The designer of the project is running a make a monster contest, and you know that I like making monsters.

So I rolled some dice and got the following:

  • Powerful
  • Breathe/Projectile
  • The Beast roars ...
  • Biped
  • Two Eyes
  • Insectoid
  • Human Face

And by bashing a spider from a goblin spider rider and a mantic's zombie face, I got:

The Cursed Duke

I've also mashed some undead and found an old reaper bones wizard to make a warband for said game.

These minions can work as undeads as well as demons, so this is essentially a necromancer/blood mage warband.

Other than this I'm still trying to fight the hobby slump (for a year now), I don't seem to have a lot of fun painting regular minis nowadays, and after covid slammed me last month it's been really difficult to focus on picking up brushes again.

Looking forward to get into gaslands again though.

Take care


Cuboids: Human Release


I've released a new batch of miniatures, as promised in a previous post.

I only painted three types of miniatures from a batch of 11 because I was looking at making a Not-Bretonnia army for Hordes of the Things, I'm yet to print a bloodbowl team out of this release.

As usual, you can get them here: https://siarom.gumroad.com


Cuboids: Orc release

I've been working on a new project for those with FDM printers that want to print something other than terrain. My concept was to have simple, but characterful, minis that are easy to store (by design) and can be scaled up and down for whatever type of game you're playing.

I've gone through a couple of iterations but I believe I have a something worthy now.



The following models have all been printed on a stock Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer using Fat Dragon Game's cura profiles.

They can be printed at 28mm for skirmish and RPG games, but you can also go bigger (terrain/boardgame pieces) as well as lower (mass block pushing games).

I made fantasy weapons as well as a couple of scifi weapons (as proof of concept) to see how they would look like and intend to expand the options in the future.

With these, I really wanted to fix an itch that seemed to be impossible to scratch: Simple printable miniatures for wargaming. I like to paint miniatures but sometimes I find it bothersome to paint ultra detailed minis just for a game I might not even like in the end. 

Resin printing is great at going against the grain of normal proper minis, but I find the post processing not a fun step. Not to mention that most 28/32/35mm releases nowadays are so detailed that makes the scaling down pretty much impossible. 

On a more personal note, the main drive for this were 2 fun projects:

The Greenskins Blockers

As some of my previous posts on here may attest, I like Blood Bowl, and I always wanted to have some minis with a little more of a "toy factor" to play with my board game brethren who always seem very disinterested at the prospect of playing miniature games. They're easy to paint, easy to distinguish and most importantly, easy to store. The labels are not that good I admit and I really need to fix that in the future.

Hordes of the Things and other block pushing games

I really like to imagine fantasy armies, but metal and resin costs are not conductive for that. Because of the inherent scalability of these minis, I can just print a batch of them while at work and come home to a bunch of HOTT units of 15mm'ish warriors.

As a proof of concept I made these two armies:

The Troll Wardens

Wild Boar Clan


Each of these armies (bases included) were printed in two days while I was at work and lazily painted over the weekend. I'm still struggling with elephant foot on my printer and it shows the lower the scale I go, but I still am very happy with the results.

I'm now working on humans but for now, you can get the orcs, weapons and mounts here:

Gumroad Store



Monster Bash 3 - The machine spirit lives on through the rust cult

During a decompression week, Miscast dropped the Monster Bash 3 announcement. Because I've been on a mini hiatus since June I thought that this might be a nice excuse to get back in the painting game.

Anyway, these were the cards that I got:


And this is the piece that I built.

My idea was to make something that would work in my post apocalyptic scifi 15mm project, so I imagined this big lad would be a nice robot for the rust cultists.

So, after a thematic coat of paint:

With the rest of the big lads.

Thematically, it's all over the place. And the paint job was definitely rushed, but whatever makes me pick up a brush nowadays is a win for me.


3D resin printing and 15mm

So I got myself an Anycubic Photon Mono resin printer and for the past 6 months now I've been testing and trying miniatures, specifically to further my smaller scale projects.


Another 15mm giant robot

  So, I got this from while waiting on the supermarket line.