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Campanha Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy III

Vamos lá ajudar o sô Filipe e a sua trupe a terminar a triologia e que este volume seja melhor que o anterior.


Godus player diary: First Impressions

Last year I pledged for the Godus kickstarter, being a fan of most Peter Molyneux games (Dungeon Keeper and Black & White being two of my favorite games ever) that was almost a no brainer for me, and last night they released the steam early access keys for it, turning, what I was expecting a good night sleep, into a 6 hour marathon.

These are my first impressions of it, I know it's in beta so I'll try to focus on ideas and overall mechanics of the game.

The Good

Graphics: Nothing to add to this, the art style really fits the game.Forest Fires: tried a meteor far from my villages, the fire spread to 3 of them .... awesome.Cards: Godus has a card collection mechanic, you have your improvement cards that need resource cards to be active. It's a neat idea but....
The Bad

Card GatheringImprovement Cards are won with population milestones, these are generally pretty straightforward, you find a piece of land, destroy every piece of nature in it, flatten it and send your guys t…

Painting log

Having some time on my hands lately, I dedicated some of it to paint some minis from the lead & plastic pile.

They are supposed to be used in "Song of Blades & Heroes" but I might rebase them to squares and make them Mordheim compatible.
There are some mold lines that I clearly missed but some of them (those that bug the face in two layers) are really a pain to fix. I also can't blend for the life of me so I cheated my way in with Army Painter's Strong Tone

 The Dorf company (Fantasy Warriors range)

The Elfs (Fantasy Warriors and D&D)

Elementals (D&D)

Goblins and Lizardfolk (Fantasy Warriors and D&D)

 Skeletons (Mantic with Warlord bits)