Sleepy Town Blues: Homemade terrain for the Mojave

After a couple of nights gluing and clamping pieces of paper with the Corrugatemaster 6000, I finally had enough to do some proper shanty building.


Tutorial: DIY tiny corrugated sheeting

Hi, ever since I started to turn to 15mm for Post apocalyptic things, it became more apparent that I would, inevitably, need to go hard on terrain, and shanty buildings are, hands down, one of the hallmarks of the wasteland.
But with that, came the question:
Where can I get that delicious corrugated stuff?
Sure there is a metric ton of plasticard sources and even metal corrugating machines, but I wanted something that I could source more easily and that would not waste much work space. And this is what I came up with:

The Corrugatemaster 6000