Nail art stamping on miniatures.

First of all, full credit given where credit is due. Yesterday I was talking with the writer of MyLune's Call and the subject of hobbies and painting miniatures came up. While discussing details she described how she painted small but intricate designs on a statuette using nail stamps. 

Today I was lucky enough to actually find a kit and some extra plates for 3€ total, this is my experience with them.


Vampire Counts - Skeleton Core

Finally reaching a milestone on my Vampire Counts project, these are the 38 models that represent the very disposable Vampire Counts Skeleton Core pre-requisite.


Vampire Counts - Catapult and Wolves Painted

Plowing through my Vampire Counts project, I finally finished my dogs and catapult after much delay. 


Vampire Counts - Blood Knight conversion

After more time than it should, I finally finished my 4 man Bloog Knight conversion thingy, an unholly mix and match of 4 or 5 plastic kits, and good amount of green stuff.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar - First impressions and some minor number crunching

The Age of Sigmar has arrived! After 4 months of (un)believable rumours we are finally able to see if this is the savior or the executioner of Warhammer Fantasy.