Dipping my toes on 3D Printing

Some weeks ago, me and two friends got a 3D Printer, a Creality3D Ender-3 pro. After a rather straightforward assembly with a little bothersome bed leveling calibration these were the results.

First the meme [link to model]:

Then, a "special" epic40k 6mm mini [link to model]:

Forgot to take a picture on the printing bed, but with some minor cleaning, I got it assembled on a 25mm base.

A complete joy to paint, and I could see that for an epic player, this printer would bring a ton of joy.

Then, a more functional print [link to model]:

But, because the infill rate was so low (mostly air), it broke when I tried to assemble it.

And there was much profanity
Fortunately some superglue and wide gauge wire fixed it.