Vampire Counts - Idols of Death: Ushtabi conversion

Needing to pad out my Age of Sigmar/Death Grand Alliance army I decided to add a small unit of Ushatabi to serve as heavy hitters on a mostly cheap mooks army.

The official, however, were too Egyptiany for my tastes (as well as OOP) and would stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of my northen undead army.
So, I went into the big box of leftovers and found these:

These are Tehnolog 54mm undead warriors that I bought some time ago, to be used as Grave Guard unit fillers back when bases were still square and right before Age of Sigmar hit the streets.
They are cheap plastic toys from Russia with very few mould lines, the plastic is also very brittle and does not take drills or x-actos all that well.

Staves/2 handed weapons
Having said that, they needed to be WYSIWYG so those axes and swords had to go and be replaced with two handed staff/halberd/weapons. 
Based off Demon/Dark Souls series ([Demon Souls], [Dark Souls], [Dark Souls II], [Dark Souls III]), I began by making a small mockup in card and glued that on heavy gauge wire.

Then bulked it all up with milliput because it's sandable and with an x-acto knife i'm able to get a nice jagged look for the blades. Thin wire and greenstuff were then used for details

The minis
Chopped the weapons off and drilled holes on the hands so that the new weapons could pass, then chopped some arms and test fitted for a decent position.

Resculpting the chain-mail was laborious but more than necessary, due to the low detail of the plastic.

Before priming

To keep with the fluff of the Ushtabi, the "bone" needed to be more statuesquey and for that, I chose a paintjob based on nordic gemstones.

And the final result

Individual Closeups

Trying to get an Azurite look