After Iron Man and Captain America, I went ahead and made Nick Fury and a couple of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers, they are Fireforge's Templar Knights with no conversion apart from Nick Fury that got an eyepatch and a (very) heavy cloak.

Sculpted a cloak on Nick Fury because the ones in the kit were not up to my liking, unfortunately a small logistic problem happened (I really need some extra arms) and some super glue ended up spilling on uncured greenstuff, that's my excuse for the cloak ending up looking like crap.

The free handed shields were the biggest surprise for me, sure they don't look at all like the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo and they might resemble at least four dozen other birds but the fact that both of them even look remotely similar is a big achievement for me.



Fantasy super heroes, vampires and vikings.

After a small hiatus I finally got around to take some pics of what I've been doing:

The fantasy super heroes, an idea that has been floating around my head for a while now, mostly based on DC's elseworlds/Marvel's 1602 concept.

Starting with Captain Vinland, made with a mantic basilean paladin body, mantic dwarf hammer and fireforge teutonic shield.

And Lord Stark the Man of Iron, made with a mantic basilean paladin body, fireforge teutonic helm and some really terrible greenstuff flames.

Next we have the Empire of the Dead: Order of the Dragon warband (still incomplete) 

and the monster (might redo the face).

I also got some mantic zombies recently and I'm still trying to find a decent color scheme.

I also rebased my vikings and gave them the highlights that they desperately needed.



Painting done in 2013, Pledges for 2014

This year was a good year for painting, I can finally say that I'm happy with my Trollblood army (25'ish points) and unless anything awesome get's released I'll probably keep it the way it is.

The Cryx that I bought on a whim were also painted after 3 or 4 acetone baths, I'll probably sell them though as I don't see myself playing them that much.

My random fantasy minis project got put into the back burner after my last post. I got some mantic trolls and werewolves though, so I'll probably have that as a reason to push the project through.

Houses! I made two of them and a ruined one, not the most sturdy of structures but I had fun making them and learned a lot on what materials are good for what. Earlier last month I got some Diorama Debris molds though, so, hopefully, the next ones will have some bitchin plaster details and such.

Two regiments of ironwatch dwarfs and a leader of some kind for kings of war, still have the rest of the army to do but these were a good way to start my gaming on the cheap mantra (thanks to the rules of KoW you can turn a regiment box into 2 regiments).

My vikings are noticeably the worst of it all as they were the first thing I painted this year and I was still trying to get the hang of Army Painter's Strong Tone's wash

Pledges for 2014
- Finish my scratchbuilt Mountain King,
- Make more buildings
- Start (and maybe even finish) the pile of lead that I received from the Empire of the Dead kickstarter.
- I really want to try In the Emperor's Name, so I'm thinking of grabbing a box of space wolves and some tau and try it out myself.
- Start Malifaux