Cardboard Gaming: Team Yankee on the cheapest

Battlefront released Team Yankee last year and since then I've been thinking if that would be the game that would break the camel's back and make me, finally, start playing one of their systems. Unfortunately their starters seemed a bit steep with only a small handful of tanks and a couple of helicopters, not being necessarily convinced by 6mm and 10mm alternatives I archived all of it on the immense "maybe if there is a huge sale in the future" category.

Then on a night of random browsing I found Junior General, a repository of user made printable miniatures, that immediately reminded me of my Team Yankee interest, as I could easily and cheaply print all the minis needed with the added benefit of being extremely portable.

Ideas turned into a plan, and the plan turned into a project. Mimicking the two main starter boxes I get two 54 point forces:

M1 Abrams HQ1
M1 Abrams Platoon2
M1 Abrams Platoon2
AH-1 Cobra Platoon4
T-72 HQ1
T-72 Company5
T-72 Company5
Hind Company2
Before I continue: all of these images were originally made by the user Dirk Schoenberger from Junior General, good vibes for all his great work on this, without these I wouldn't be able to do any of this.

The original images were made with MS Paint (I think) at a 1 pixel = 1 inch scale so it came to no surprise when it didn't came out the way I wanted once I started scaling the minis down to 15mm scale.

So back to the drawing board paint.net. The first step was to strip the minis of any kind of background and color, leaving just the outline.

Next, using your favorite vectorization tool (I used vectormagic) and then inskcape to scale them down to a proper size.

Some paint by the numbers:

And with a quick template under a generic concrete texture we get the final tokens

Simple assembly with stick glue and salvaged cardboard and a new x-acto blade (my idiocy ruined the first few Abrams with a dull one)

Very portable

And there we have it, two 50 point (54 actually) armies for some cold war gone hot action for less than 2-3 euros.

Edit: Only as I reread this, I was able to notice that I forgot to print 2 Cobras.