Skavenblight Scramblers, Bloodbowl Albino Rat Ogre conversion

What started as a small impulse buy turned into my favorite game (so far)

Made a small order of random bits from bits and kits of a stormfiend head (the only available at the time)  and stormvermin for the gutter runners (again, the only available) and this is my quest for an affordable Rat Ogre.

The main body and arms are from a mantic troll and the legs are leftovers from a mantic warewolf.

Top heavy, it helps with the grotesque look

A little too wide for my liking, should have repositioned the right arm better.

The spikes were difficult to do: thin wire with a bit of super glue then wrapped in greenstuff, finally carved after curing.

Fur and fat rolls added to hide some unfortunate transitions.

Wire padded out with greenstuff for the tail.
 Painted and size comparison with a skaven stormvermin