Vampire Counts - Blood Knight conversion

After more time than it should, I finally finished my 4 man Bloog Knight conversion thingy, an unholly mix and match of 4 or 5 plastic kits, and good amount of green stuff.

The horses are Fireforge Crusader Knights, I used the ones with caparisons for my black knights because at the time I was still unsure how to do the "ethereal effect", In retrospect I should've used the naked ones for the black knights but what's done is done.

They horses carry an assortment of gubbins, like GW skeleton warrior shields, old GW skeleton spears, Gripping Beast viking axes and swords and some Mantic zombie heads as trophies.
The Knights themselves are of two types, 2 are just plain Fireforge Crusader knights with some greenstuff on them, and a Mantic ghoul head, the others have brettonnian knight legs, Mantic basilean torsos and firefoge arms and helmets.