Nail art stamping on miniatures.

First of all, full credit given where credit is due. Yesterday I was talking with the writer of MyLune's Call and the subject of hobbies and painting miniatures came up. While discussing details she described how she painted small but intricate designs on a statuette using nail stamps. 

Today I was lucky enough to actually find a kit and some extra plates for 3€ total, this is my experience with them.

The regular kit consists of 1 plate, a scrapper and a rubbery stamp, you apply some nail polish on a design of your choosing, scrape the excess and transfer it from the template to the mini with the stamp. >Youtube Tutorial Here<

Some tests on a 40x40 base
My idea was to use these for shields and flags.

The fist victim.

These were stamped in just 10 minutes and corrections were easily fixed. While far from an amazing result (terrible aligning and even worst stamp coverage, problems associated with my lack of experience), it sure beats freehanding it or even buying expensive decals.

Now I just have to find some gothic and medieval heraldry plates and I'm good to go.