Fantasy super heroes, vampires and vikings.

After a small hiatus I finally got around to take some pics of what I've been doing:

The fantasy super heroes, an idea that has been floating around my head for a while now, mostly based on DC's elseworlds/Marvel's 1602 concept.

Starting with Captain Vinland, made with a mantic basilean paladin body, mantic dwarf hammer and fireforge teutonic shield.

And Lord Stark the Man of Iron, made with a mantic basilean paladin body, fireforge teutonic helm and some really terrible greenstuff flames.

Next we have the Empire of the Dead: Order of the Dragon warband (still incomplete) 

and the monster (might redo the face).

I also got some mantic zombies recently and I'm still trying to find a decent color scheme.

I also rebased my vikings and gave them the highlights that they desperately needed.