Warmahordes on a budget: The Mountain King

Some months ago I saw a user on the privateer press forums that made his own Mountain King from a Fantastic Four Thing action figure, the idea was pretty sweet and I can honestly say that my jealous levels reached critical mass.

Last week though, after finishing a unit of fennblades I got myself thinking: "What if I built myself a mountain king like that dude on ppf?" and on the next Saturday morning there I was at my local flea market looking for a suitable figure.
I found a headless hulk that I suppose is this one [link], and after a good week in a chemical bath I started to work on it.

Unfortunately I only started to take pictures 2 days in so here is the rundown of what I got so far:
- Disassembled every piece, my idea was that by doing so it would be easier to cut and pin the rocks.
- Chop his legs off. Trollbloods are not known for their proportions and the Mountain King is a prime example of the stubby legs syndrome. While I did wanted to keep him a little more proportional the tall legs really made it hard to pose it in a menacing way.
- Got rid of the butt, the figure had a huge one that was preventing me from re-positioning the legs they way I wanted.
- Pinning, this is actually pretty fun, I just drill and put a piece of wire in it, repeat until the toy looks like a pinhead cosplayer.
- Some rock sculpting, I got some experience when doing the "hand" of the Janissa base and these are really fun to do.
- Glue parts and try my best to blend them together with greenstuff.
- Beer Belly, green stuff, green stuff, green stuff (I really need to get a cheaper product).

Overall costs:
3€ for the Hulk figure

Still to come:
- More assembling
- More pinning
- More blending
- More rock sculpting
- Get some whelps and put them in
- Finish the belly
- Make a new troll butt

I'm gonna leave the giant back mountain and the head for last, those need more thinking and planning.